How did the THP begin?

In 2005, John and Martine Smithwick took their Global Ventures team for the first time to Chantaburi, Thailand. Missionaries Bob and Debbie Scott helped coordinate the trip as the team conducted a crusade and ministered in the streets and schools all over that region. At that time, Bob and Debbie had lived in Thailand for several years and ministered in churches and seminars all over Thailand.

It was while witnessing hundreds of Thai Buddhists surrender their lives to Christ that the Smithwicks’ and Scotts’ hearts were connected and stirred like never before. Their eyes were opened to how drastic the need of evangelism was as they saw temples and street corners saturated with people bowing and giving offerings to idols. Late night conversations between the Scotts and Smithwicks further revealed to John and Martine how unreached this precious land truly was. At ever ministry site, they encountered people that had never even heard the name of Jesus. As the miracles began to happen, John and Bob witnessed the power of God instantly cut through thousands of years of tradition, philosophy, and belief. So many hearts were transformed right before their eyes. They knew they could not stop at just one crusade and evangelistic outreach. It became clear during that week that God was joining their ministry gifts together in order to have a long-lasting impact in Thailand.

Towards the end of that first crusade trip, John suggested launching a strategy of conducting crusades and planting churches and calling it the “Thailand Harvest Plan.” Bob and John agreed on the name and began to strategize about where to conduct the next crusade and GV team outreach. The following year the THP was officially launched! JSMI conducted a crusade in Samat Prakan which was followed with the first church being planted in Bang Bo and consequently pastored by Bob ad Debbie. Under their leadership, the church grew and Thai leaders were raised up! Watch Global Ventures Season Two, Episode 8, to see a powerful testimony from one of the Bang Bo church members.

What is the THP?

The Thailand Harvest Plan began in 2005 and is a strategic plan of systematically conducting Mass Crusades and then planting churches in unreached areas of Thailand.

The JSMI Global Ventures teams serve as our initial burst of evangelism in a new region as they saturate the streets and schools with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministry then culminates into a mass crusade where hundreds hear the Gospel, most of them for the very first time. The new church that is planted then provides follow up on the new believers won through the crusade outreach. Throughout the year, the churches conduct several outreaches and continue to win souls in their region. As part of the THP, new believers are disciple, and emerging leaders are trained and equipped to fulfill God’s call on their lives and expand the Kingdom.

The long-term goal of the THP is to train Thai believers to become leaders and pastors and plant 100 church in unreached regions of Thailand. The Thailand Harvest Plan was conceived to bring hope and freedom to a land trapped in darkness. It was empowering new converts to win their nation to Christ so the work doesn’t stop with us

– but expands far beyond our reaches. Through this strategic harvest plan, the goal is to see over 500,000 salvations.

Help us reach Thailand by becoming a THP monthly partner. Click ‘GET INVOLVED’ to give online or send support to: JSMI, PO Box 1860, Catoosa, OK 74015.

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About Thailand

Thailand is located in South East Asia. Its neighboring countries are Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia, most of which are closed to missionaries. Thailand’s laws, on the other hand, promote religious freedom, making this beautiful country open to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thailand has approximately 66 million people within its borders. Bangkok, its capital, holds over 10 million of these people. Missionaries have been in this country since the early 1800’s. As of 2009, Christianity has reached less than 1? Of the entire population. Although there are some well-established churches in Bangkok with larger congregations, the average church size is only 15-20 regular attending church members. There are many churches without a pastor, or without leaders helping the pastor. Some pastors have to work in order to support not only their family but the entire church!

Recent studies have shown that there still remain hundreds of sub districts with no churches. This is the reality we have been facing while planting churches in the past few years. There are many small towns with people that know very little about Christianity or Jesus. Even though missionaries have been there for nearly 200 years, there are still many places in Thailand where people have never even heard the name of Jesus. During outreaches, almost every time someone will come to us asking if the picture of the man on our flyer is Jesus. Or they will ask me if I am Jesus! When I respond “No!” they then ask if I am His brother or if I know where they can find Him.

Thailand is truly a great place and we believe God will strategically use it for this time and hour. Due to the conditions of the neighboring countries, Bangkok and Thailand are tactical windows the church can use to impact this part of the world. As a foreigner, I can’t go to some of these nations without being watched very closely. However, a trained Thai minister is able to blend in and be more effective. We need to raise an army of Apostles, Evangelists, Pastors, Prophets, and Teachers that will go forth and reach the rest of Asia!